will show you

3D representations of the wealth and the beauty of nano structures
details of the inner architectures in Nano Space
throw some light upon physical and chemical structure principles
allows you to voyage within a Cosmos built up by database catalogued star data


Nano Scale and Cosmic Dimensions

Techniques and Materials used:
VRML - Virtual Reality Modelling Language for 3D representations
BSC - Bright Star Catalogues to display real astronomic data
Chemical Database explorations e.g. from CCDC or PDB Database
Explorations of scientific Nano reports
Mathematical 3D constructions and data conversions

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  on some of my older 3D Worlds :

status 1997- 2002

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[ status: july 2004 ]

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special infos and hints about MP3-Sound
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Raumschiff ORION
enjoy ambient sounds in 3D universe
'k i n d   of   b l u e'

3D-SPACE FLIGHTS: start from earth, visit moon, sun, mars, 'planet Claire', a hot planet, thousands of twinkling stars, go boarding the space cruiser ORION,
enjoy ambient TIMBRES and spacy 3D SOUNDS in MP3 or WAV, e.g from BLADERUNNER movie

screen shots from SPACE ODYSSEY

11.August 1999

a 3D VR/Sound gimmick with the late 20th century astro event

CHEMISTRY - molecular structures from the simplest, e.g. 'Viagra' to the most complex ones, e.g. DNA or Hemoglobin

MATH - a minimal surface transformation

NANO TECHNOLOGY - 4-fold helical tubes (1, 2) built from a BLM forming Glucolipid
1)     2,) The Synkinetic Approach

PHYSICS - the STELLARATOR: model of a future fusion engine: the stellarator

you want to cross a SPIRAL GALAXY in 3D with hyperspeed ?

two screenhots out of a 3D world
(770*500, 34 kb each)

3D World coming next here


Juergen Koening,    status august 2004    xgmail   Juergen Koening